New = Brave

September 9, 2019

My best memory of first trying something new was at 6 years old and my aunt had gifted our family a horse. Which, as you can imagine, was my horse obsessed 6 year old dream come true! Riding Velvet for the first time was everything I had wished for at that point in my life. I don’t remember being scared, just completely focused on getting it exactly right.

Fast forward to my adult life and trying new things is HARD. If you’re anything like me, change can be scary and something I tend to avoid at all costs. Often, I’ve seen that manifest itself in ways that keep me from my best. My business has always been such an amazing creative outlet and I’m so incredibly thankful for how it has provided support for my family. However, there are parts of it that certainly elevate feelings of inadequacy and self doubt. 

Feeling good in what I’m wearing can set the tone for approaching many of those situations with so much more confidence. I also have the amazing privilege of helping other women feel the same way! Style is such a fun way to express who you are and many of us are worried so much about what others will think that we get stuck wearing things that don’t really show that fun playful side of ourselves.

I dare you this week to try something new. You’ll probably surprise yourself in how refreshing it can be to make a small change, no matter how small. You’re beautiful lovely!


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